‘Same Day’ Commission Payment Procedures

18 Sep

Getting our Agents paid as quickly as possible is our goal.  Below are the policies and procedures to ensure prompt payment of your commissions!

1.  Agents should turn all transaction documents into the office as soon as they are binding by either emailing them in a PDF format to contracts@palmerhouseproperties.com or faxing them to 404-478-8495. Once your transaction is set up in Paperless Pipeline you will receive an email address that goes directly to the transaction in the following format:  7515-3113-TX-321080@docs.paperlesspipeline.com (this address is an example only). Documents for each transaction can be emailed directly to the transaction box which reduces the time it takes our staff to upload your documents.

2.  Agent signatures must be present on all transaction documents where required, prior to commission disbursal.

3.  Binding agreement date and/or acceptance dates must be filled in.

4.  All earnest money must have been turned in to the Holder according to the terms of the contract. Signed amendments are required when actions don’t match the language of the contract, which could delay disbursement of commissions.

5.  Regarding lease commission payments, we cannot pay ‘same day’ unless the landlord has paid with a cashier’s check.  Personal checks require a seven day hold and
money orders require a three day hold before commissions can be disbursed.

6.  If requesting a “Pay-at-Close”, submit the Pay-at-Close form at least five days prior to the closing date along with all transaction documents if you have not previously forwarded them. Pay at close forms are always available on our intranet site.

7.  Be responsive and proactive with staff requests for additional documentation and be sure to check your email when actively working a transaction. If you have not heard from the office concerning an upcoming closing, we may not have received your documents.  When in doubt, just call the office!

We take pride in being among the very few offices that pay commissions on the same day and with your support we look forward to continuing this valuable service!!!

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